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Workplace Accidents: Know the Facts

Published: January 26, 2022

Work can be dangerous! No matter where you work, you will probably encounter hazards. These hazards are different for every industry. From construction to medical, every workplace will have its share of dangers. It is important that you recognize those dangers in your own work and know how to avoid them. Maybe you feel confident in your ability to work around hazards. Maybe your job has many hazards, and you’ve learned how to ignore them. Whatever the case, the most dangerous hazard an employee can encounter is their own overconfidence.

Workplace accidents

Let’s look at the facts of working. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration presented some disturbing statistics. According to their research, a single year saw the deaths of over 5,000 workers. This meant that, for every 100,000 workers, around three would be killed on the job. 5,000 is not a small number. This means that, on average, more than 100 workers would lose their lives in a single week.

The numbers become scarier when you consider non-fatal injuries. The CDC reported that over 2 million workers needed medical attention after being injured on the job. More than a quarter of the reported injuries were due to trip and fall hazards that are common on every worksite. This is probably a hazard you face every day at work.

No matter where your job is, you need to remember to be safe. Never skip safety procedures because “you can handle yourself”. You never want to become a part of the statistics. Instead, follow all safety guidelines that your company has put in place. Avoid dangerous situations and always get proper training for your job. For more information on workplace safety, be sure to visit our official site. Accidents can happen anywhere. Wherever your work takes you, make getting back home your highest priority.

Good luck and stay safe!